expo : Le Chemin (The Path)

tableau contemporain de Lin Schmidt

Terrain d’Entente de Lin Schmidt

tableau contemporain de Robert Boutiq

Forme Noire sur Fond Noir de Robert Boutiq

am preparing an exhibition in Bagnères de Bigorre, Fance.
The gallery is beautiful, there will be 2 painters : Robert Boutiq and myself and 2 sculptors, JM Luce and Raoul Colin. Robert and I haven’t shown our work together for years! He was (and still is) my soul-mate. His work shown here is from the latest period, almost monochrome, and some drawings. He was always drawing, and often told me I should draw more. He was right of course. And it is still true : I should draw more. It is a good way to enter the creative mind-frame. And my work will be some new things and some old things, from the time when we shared our big studio space in the country.


2 thoughts on “expo : Le Chemin (The Path)

  1. I greatly like both your and Robert’s work Lin (good to see Robert’s textures in the expanded photo).

    Good luck with the exhibition – hope you make some sales and have appreciative viewers.

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