About the Painter

Nightsquare 1 24 x 25 cm encaustic

Nightsquare 1 24 x 25 cm encaustic

Born in midwestern USA, I’ve been living in Southwestern France for about 30 years, a sort of midwestern drifter.

After experimenting with all sorts of traditional techniques, from oils, acrylics, watercolors etc., I have developed my own preferred “cuisine”. I use the technique that appeals to me at a particular moment. I quite often use paper, in various forms from sheets to paper maché, with pigments, ashes, plant fibers and resins or other binders such as beeswax on paper, wood or canvas or a combination of the 3. I also use traditional encaustic paints, which are a blend of pigments, Dammar resin and beeswax applied to a surface using heat. Or sometimes just brush and India ink or watercolor…

There’s always something wondrous to discover.


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